Freestyle 2

Freestyle 2 and FocusS 

When documenting a construction site or analysing the scene of a crime or crash, details make all the difference — and you have to gather them quickly, efficiently and accurately. That’s why specialty contractors, engineers, surveyors, architects, investigators and analysts, rely on the FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner for fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture.


FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner

Benefits of the FARO Freestyle 2

Best-in-class range of .4m to 5m (1.3'- 16'), the Freestyle 2 captures small and large areas and with its lightweight, cable-free design and six degrees of freedom, you can operate the Freestyle 2 with one hand anywhere, at any angle; even upside down.

The Fastest Portable 3D Scanner Avalaible

The Freestyle 2 is designed for one-hand operation, meaning you can scan even the most hard-to-reach areas, either inside or outside. As the fastest 3D portable handheld laser scanner, the Freestyle 2 scans with great efficiency and versatility. Unmatched photorealism means you get high-quality, colour, 3D data with exceptional accuracy.

As-Built Capture and Modelling

Capture 3D documentation of complex areas for surveying, or of dense technical rooms for MEP design or retrofit purposes. Plus, artisans can capture small ambients for custom furniture design, staircase design and other custom components. See As-Built capture and modelling applications below.

Export Compatible Point Clouds

Use the system itself to export processed point clouds without the need for additional software.

Real-time visualisation

Use the Freestyle 2 app to see what you capture as you scan, so you can leave the site with the highest possible level of confidence. Rely on the sensor for great flexibility while acquiring, even in small slots or hidden/inaccessible areas.

Interoperability & Portability

Use the sensor as a companion to a FARO Focus Laser Scanner, filling in when the Focus scanner would require too many positions. Move anywhere with completely untethered workflows, as there’s no bulky tablet or long cables.

Proprietary Tracking Engine

Capture 3D point cloud information while walking and making natural movements, with best-in-class tracking performance. Work in any lighting condition, even complete darkness.
FARO FocusS Series

We have a FARO to fit your Application


FOCUSs 350/150 PLUS

The Focuss 350 & 150 Plus enables true-to-detail scan results with an unambiguity level upto 2 mil pts/sec, lower noise range and superiour colourisation for even clearer data.

  • Distance accuracy up to ±1mm
  • IP Class 54
  • On-Site Compensation
  • On-Site Registration (with FARO SCENE)
  • Rescanning of distant area in higher resolution
  • Digital hashing function
  • HD photo overlay up to 165 megapixel
pdf-data Data Sheet

FOCUSs 350/150

The Focuss 350 & 150 enables true-to-detail scan results with an unambiguity level upto 1 mil pts/sec, low noise range and superiour colourisation for exceptionally clear data.

  • Distance accuracy up to ±1mm
  • IP Class 54
  • On-Site Compensation
  • On-Site Registration (with FARO SCENE)
  • Rescanning of distant area in higher resolution
  • Digital hashing function
  • HD photo overlay up to 165 megapixel
pdf-data Data Sheet


The ultra-portable Focuss 70 enables fast, straightforward and ultra-high accurate measurements of objects and buildings. It records architectural façades, complex structures, production and supply facilities, accident sites, and large-volume components delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results with a range of 70m per scan.

pdf-data Data Sheet
The Focuss Series

The Focuss Series consists of three laser scanners with different ranges: Focuss 350/350 Plus for long-range measurements up to 350m, Focuss 150/150 Plus for mid-range measurements up to 150m and Focuss 70, perfectly suitable for short-range measurements up to 70m.

Certified Quality, Tough and Accurate

With their sealed design, all S Laser Scanner models are certified via the industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) Rating, and classified in Class 54 for environmental protection. The devices are built to safeguard against intrusions such as dirt, dust, fog and rain as well as other outdoor elements which typically occur in challenging scanning conditions. An extended temperature range allows scanning in extreme environments, like deserts. In addition the laser scanners offer a future-proof interface to connect additional accessories to the scanner and provide a specific on-site compensation routine.

The Focuss series support the new function of re-scanning distant targets. Selected areas can now be re-scanned at a higher resolution for more accurate target detection. Re-scanning small areas of interest provides the highest possible detail while significantly reducing the data volume and the number of necessary scans.

Cloud Connectivity and Software

When the Focuss is connected to FARO SCENE on a mobile computer, the project scan data becomes automatically fully registered. This On-Site Registration makes the in-office registration obsolete and the project map generates an all encompassing overview from the site scanned.

For scan data processing users have unrestricted freedom of choice to leverage the software tools most beneficial to their own workflow. The point cloud data captured with FARO Laser Scanners can be used with various software packages including FARO SCENE, FARO As-Built, FARO-BuildIT Construction, FARO Zone 2D, FARO Zone 3D or 3rd party software such as Autodesk ReCap.

All scanner types offer the possibility to perform scanning even in bright sunlight. Remote scanning as well as almost limitless scan data sharing via SCENE Webshare Cloud make the laser scanning solution truly mobile.

Workflow Tools

For scan data processing users have unrestricted freedom of choice to leverage the software tools most beneficial to their own workflow.


FARO SCENE software is specifically designed for Focuss Series Laser Scanners and Freestyle Scanners. SCENE processes and manages scan data efficiently and easily by using real-time, on-site registration, automatic object recognition, moving objects filter, scan registration and positioning.
  • Real time, on-site registration for Focuss scan data accelerates reality capture
  • Moving Objects Filter enables unwanted people, vehicles or machinery captured in the scene during the scanning process to be automatically detected and removed
  • Laser High Dynamic Range (Laser-HDRTM) support – create impressive HDR quality images in a substantially short amount of time
  • FARO Laser High Dynamic Range (FARO Laser-HDRTM) support – create impressive HDR quality images in a substantially short amount of time
  • Powerful 3D mesh engine allows for automatic modeling of free form shapes and enables textured meshes which can be exported as .obj and then imported as reality capture data into other applications

FARO As-Built

FARO As-Built is the fastest and most direct path from reality data into any design system. As-Built Modeler software enables AEC professionals to quickly and easily extract building information, such as CAD and BIM geometry, to be used in any preferred CAD system even if it does not support point cloud data.
  • Display, manage and evaluate 3D point cloud data independent of its source and size
  • Transfer 3D point cloud data and self-defined macros directly into any CAD system
  • Evaluate 3D data to closed surface models to be exported as standard CAD file formats
  • Create video renderings and fly-through videos from imported and modelled data


FARO BuildIT Construction is the first fully integrated building lifecycle Quality Assurance/Control (QA/QC) management tool for construction professionals to continuously evaluate projects with real-time comparisons against CAD designs using 3D scan data.
  • Verify accuracy of scan data to design models
  • Detect incorrect placement or missing features such as walls, columns, beams, pipes, etc.
  • Calculate tank deformation and volume to determine deviations during installations
  • Perform important measurements accurately and quickly
  • Inspect construction for adherence to building standards
  • Verify shifts and movements within structural performance over time with 4D analysis
  • Perform real-time monitoring of adjacent structures throughout the project lifecycle

FARO Zone 2D

With FARO Zone 2D quickly create 2D diagrams for law enforcement, the fire service, and insurance. This innovative software is ideal for creating diagrams for state crash reports, 2D crime and fire scene diagrams, pre-incident plans, and site plans.
  • Bring in satellite maps at 1:1 scale and draw on top the map to create accurate diagrams
  • Thousands of pre-drawn symbols for crime and crash scenes
  • Save to .jpg, .png, and .tiff format for easy integration into reports
  • Open 2D diagrams created with other FARO software, including CAD Zone and Blitz

FARO Zone 3D

With FARO Zone 3D, anyone can produce compelling reports and courtroom exhibits that accurately represent the crash or crime scene. Quickly create 2D or 3D diagrams, impressive animations, and perform analyses based on the measurements taken at the scene.
  • Use manual measurements, data from aerial maps, total stations, drones, and laser scanners
  • Use any of the pre-drawn symbols, or import free 3D models from many online sources
  • Analysis tools for vehicle momentum, crush, speed from skids, bullet trajectories, blood spatter, and more
  • Open 2D and 3D diagrams created with other FARO software, including CAD Zone and ARAS

What our clients say

The Faro scanner has enabled us to bring the work site to our offices, reducing time spent onsite and eliminating the need for repeated site visits confirming missed details. The ability to share this information with clients in a virtual environment offers the ability to collaborate between various disciplines.

Mark Wharekawa
Engineering Programme Manager, Patton Engineering

Although we have only had the FARO® Focus Laser Scanner for 4-5 months, our drawings have improved, our CAD man-hours have dropped, our rework has decreased and our number of trips to the site have dropped significantly.

chris albers
Chris Albers
Senior Civil Engineer, Chi Engineering Services

With the FARO Focuss I no longer do the traditional crime scene sketch. The end product is impressive for the DA and jurors. We scanned a fatal fire in a house and I am convinced that the Grand Jury indicted because of the FARO presentation.

matt archuletta
Matt Archuleta
Crash Scene Reconstruction, City of Arvada

Freestyle 2 and Focuss


FARO®‘s latest ultra-portable Freestyle 2 and Focuss Laser Scanner series enable you to capture fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings.


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