Introducing the Topcon LN-50 Construction Total Station

Say goodbye to outdated paper plans and tape measures. With the LN-50 layout tool, you can enter the world of digital layout and construction verification workflows. This user-friendly tool automates and streamlines layout and construction processes, resulting in increased productivity, accuracy, and savings.

Experience precise 3D layout with ease, thanks to the LN-50's single-operator solution. Its one-button, self-levelling setup makes it incredibly convenient. Plus, it offers Wi-Fi and long-range Bluetooth® instrument communication options for seamless connectivity. You can also enjoy cloud-connected workflows with leading software providers like Autodesk, Bentley, and MAGNET.

The LN-50 is designed specifically for professionals in the building construction trades. By setting out your design from a digital file on a tablet, you'll receive real-time visual guidance to ensure millimeter-accurate work. Forget about tape measures and string lines - the LN-50 eliminates the need for rework.

Power on the instrument, and it will automatically self-level within seconds. With a wireless controller, you can access simple point layout or complex CAD drawings right in the palm of your hand, wherever you are on the job site.

Gone are the days of constant reliance on surveyors to check every bolthole. With the LN-50, you can verify your work before pouring concrete, making your job and life easier.

Experience the convenience of Topcon construction set out solutions. Say goodbye to string lines and embrace survey-accurate set out. The LN-50 is as easy to use as a Topcon laser level, yet as accurate as a total station. It's the ideal tool for builders, concreters, plumbers, form workers, electricians, and other trade professionals.

The LN-50 has a 50-meter (164-foot) range as compared to the longer-range, full-featured LN-150 which continues to be a mainstay of the Topcon layout portfolio however it provides a cost-effective alternative with all the precision, accuracy and ease of use.

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