Maximise Earthmoving Efficiency with Steelwrist Tiltrotators

Equipping your excavator with a tiltrotator is one of the best ways to maximise efficiency on your earthmoving operations, with experienced operators estimating productivity improvements of up to 50%.

Keep reading to understand why a Steelwrist tiltrotator is a must-have for your next job, and learn more about the features that are going to bring greater efficiency and safety to your projects.

What features allow the tiltrotator to maximise efficiency?

The Gripper

The four-finger gripper on the back of the tiltrotator brings a huge amount of efficiency with it, because it can pick up and move just about any object, including heavy concrete pipes, so you’re not relying on your team slinging chains. Over the course of a project, having the gripper right there on the back of the tiltrotator is going to save you a huge amount of time, not to mention saving manual labour and improving safety on site by getting the gripper to do work that previously needed to be done by your team.

See how easily the gripper moves these concrete pipes:

SQ Technology

The SQ quick coupler removes the need for operators to hop out of the cab to disconnect and reconnect attachments – this may seem like a small job, but over the course of a day the time spent doing this can add up. With the SQ Auto Connection System, the operator can disconnect the attachment at the push of a button and change their work tool in seconds, which is also a huge benefit for health and safety, because your operator will spend less time walking around the machine.

Additional Features

  • Combine with GPS: The Steelwrist tiltrotator works with all the GPS units, so operating the tiltrotator with the combined power of GPS control will bring even more efficiency.
  • Steel casted components: makes the Steelwrist tiltrotator lighter than other tiltrotators on the market.
  • Low building height: having a low build height gives the Steelwrist tiltrotator good breakout force.
  • High tilt angle: giving greater flexibility.
  • High flow hydraulics: if you’re running a machine like a mulcher or compactor that requires high flow hydraulics, you can use the tiltrotator to steer the mulcher.
  • Narrow tilt ram spacing: so that hydraulic rams aren’t getting tangled up on the side of the hole.


What are the major benefits of Steelwrist Tiltrotators?

1) Saves Time

One of the main efficiencies of the tiltrotator is that you don’t have to reposition the machine so often, because you can use the tiltrotator to reposition the bucket. Think about how much time your operators spend repositioning the entire machine over the course of a day, and now think about how much more you can get done with all that extra time.

2) Less Machines Needed

Using a tiltrotator lowers the number of machines you need on site, because you can put different attachments onto the tiltrotator. Having the capacity to add other attachments means you’ll remove the need for additional machines altogether, and one machine can perform a range of different tasks in a shorter amount of time, thanks to quick and easy tool changes.

3) More Flexibility

Doing work in more difficult terrains or tighter areas is no longer a limitation, because the tiltrotator allows you to dig in any direction. With a standard digger you can only go backwards and forwards, tilting the bucket left and right. With a tiltrotator, you can tilt and rotate, so you have access to plenty of other geometry.

If your digger is in a narrow area and right up beside a building, it’ll be able to dig parallel to the tracks, or dig sideways like around manholes, so your operator won’t have to constantly reposition to be able to reach where they need to dig.

4) Cost Effective

Aside from the massive time-saving benefits, you’ll also save money on labour costs with a tiltrotator. By not needing to rely on an additional person to operate another piece of equipment, you'll be able to remove labour content and therefore reduce labour costs. By reducing the need to move machines so often, a tiltrotator will also improve profitability on excavating jobs by reducing assignment time, fuel consumption, and machine wear.

5) Improved Safety

The gripper does jobs that would usually require people on the ground, around the machinery, and the SQ technology saves operators from having to leave the cab, so there are plenty of opportunities for reducing risk with a tiltrotator. Every single time an operator would previously have had to leave the machine or walk around the machine, they can now stay in the machine, meaning less risk of injury onsite.

A Steelwrist tiltrotator will bring so much efficiency to your operations, that it’ll pay for itself quicker than you think. Click here to read more about how tiltrotators have revolutionised work for some of our clients.

At Fieldays 2021, we'll be showcasing the Steelwrist SQ Tiltrotator fitted to a Transdiesel Volvo ECL145 with Topcon’s Next-Gen X-53x Semi-Auto GNSS Excavator System. 

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