Why an Echo Sounder is the Perfect Partner for your Survey GPS

Not all construction sites are based entirely on land, and when the topography changes - so do your surveying systems. One of the most effective tools for any surveyor to add to their survey GPS system when working with any body of water is an echo sounder.

An echo sounder is a type of sonar used to determine the depth of water by transmitting acoustic waves into water. The time interval between emission and return of a pulse is recorded, which is used to determine the depth of water along with the speed of sound in water at the time. For practical purposes, this allows surveyors to observe the depth of water and the shape of the channel, ocean floor, lake bottom, or any underwater features of interest.

In this blog, we'll explore the ins and outs of echo sounders, and why they make the perfect companion for your Survey GPS - as well as the different variants and our recommended products. If you have any questions, get in touch with the team and we'll be happy to help!

Single Beam Echo Sounders

The traditional single-beam echo-sounder consists of an underwater speaker and a microphone, built together in one unit. This unit can be attached to a boat, kayak or any vessel.

The echo-sounder operates by sending a sound pulse to the seabed. Here it is reflected and returned. The time it takes the sound wave to travel down to the sea-floor and back again, is an expression of the double depth of the seabed. The half-time is thus directly comparable with the current water depth.

The CEE-LINE™ from CEE Hydrosystems is a brilliant example of next-generation approach to pole-mounted bathymetry surveys, with it’s indestructible construction and simple usage for accurate and trustworthy results.

Entry-level Echo Sounder

Not every surveying job requires the most advanced solution, so for shallow water surveying, an entry-level echo sounder will get the job done with excellent results.

The CEEPULSE™ is designed with just these jobs in mind, incorporating many of the features available on larger echo sounders and ideal for small boat inland water surveys. Compared to other basic units, the CEEPULSE™ requires far less compromise in data quality to obtain a simple survey solution.

Compact Echo Sounders

The latest state of the art portable echo sounders mean that you can get all the advanced capabilities for your hydrographic surveying in a truly compact package - proving that quality does not have to be sacrificed for convenience.

The CEE HydroSystems CEE ECHO™ uses modern miniaturized components throughout, so sonar performance matches larger, traditional echo sounder designs. This small, portable tool can be used on practically any survey boat, from a kayak to a coastal hydrographic survey vessel.

This video shows just how detailed the CEE ECHO™ can go in comparison to other basic echo sounders - see how the echogram identifies thick vegetation on the sea floor in exceptional detail!

It’s important to note that all echo sounders are not the same. Avoid reporting false data in challenging environments by relying on the CEE HydroSystems single beam echo sounders. Using HYPACK or the latest Hydromagic software allows for exceptional detail and quality control when using these versatile single beam echo sounders.

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